How to avoid disappointment in relationships with women from Eastern Europe?

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Some tips to see that the real Slavic woman is interested in you
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In order to avoid unpleasant surprises in relationships with sweet russian girl, it is better to know in advance whom you deal with. Our international marriage agency UkReine offers you some valuable tips to help you.

Recommendation №1. Behave like a gentleman

If you really want to build stable relationships with a sweet russian girl, take into consideration that for her, gallantry is an evidence. Make her compliments, often bring her flowers or small gifts, always open the door in front of her or help her to put on her coat. It’s not difficult at all, isn’t it? The men from Eastern Europe are used to showing signs of attention to the women they love because for them, it’s a real pleasure. Be more direct than with a girl from Western Europe, without exaggerating of course.

Recommendation №2. Be the leader of the couple

Every sweet russian girl dreams about a charming prince who has a strong character and a sense of responsibility. In Eastern Europe, it is quite normal that it is exactly the man who must make the decision. Ukrainian girls hate softness most of all in their husbands. Don’t ask your Russian girl where she wants to eat at the restaurant because it’s up to you to make the choice, it’s the duty of the man. It also explains this ambiguous attitude to money. In a Slavic family it is most often gentleman who has to bring something to eat at home. That’s why a sweet russian girl won’t support “Western” feminism in her husband.

Recommendation №3. Remember to pay the bill

When you decide to go to the restaurant with your girl from Eastern Europe, remember that it’s up to you to pay. If you want to share the bill with her, forget about it immediately. In such a way you will make your sweet russian girl to run away from you and you will pass for a trickster. You must understand that in a Slavic couple the roles are shared and it is precisely the man who has to pay. If you find it unfair, think a little bit about how you love feminism in girls from Eastern Europe. In order to stay always beautiful they must spend a lot of money: go to the hairdresser – do a good make-up – buy cosmetics of good quality – make a manicure etc. So, finally, it doesn’t seem so unfair to pay for dinner, isn’t it?

Recommendation №4. Don’t be hypocritical and liar

Don’t think that you can lie to your sweet russian girl. The majority of them have a solid life experience and can easily recognize the hypocrites and liars from good people. So before telling the lie think carefully, because there is a great possibility that she will notice it too quickly. Even if she doesn’t tell you right now.

So, never neglect the cultural difference in order to succeed in relationships with woman from Eastern Europe!

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