How to start a good conversation with a Slavic woman during the first meeting

Some tips how to behave on the first meeting with an eastern woman
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How to avoid disappointment in relationships with women from Eastern Europe?

It’s time of your first meeting with a woman of your dreams. You have chosen a good restaurant, you have bought a nice bouquet of flowers, have put the fancy clothes, so everything is ready. But how to start a good conversation with a woman who you interests so much? About what is better to speak, which subjects to choose and which to avoid? To make your conversation natural and easy we propose you to follow some universal tips.

First of all, when you communicate with a Slavic woman be adorable, friendly and sincere. Pay attention on the way how you say things, speak, look in her eyes and listen to her with interest. Remember her name and use it when you address to her, that will help you to make her to feel comfortable with you.
Be positive and opened. Show the positive side of your personality. Don’t speak about your life problems, about diseases, don’t make complaints, don’t criticize others, be pleasant and kind with her. Mention love which you care to your close friends, your family and work. Show her photos if she is interested. Speak about the things which you appreciate in life. Use your physical language, smile often to express your internal happiness.
Choose a pleasant subject for your conversation. We advise you to choose for the conversation with a Slavic woman some relaxed subjects which demand the explanations and reflections. Here is the list which we propose to you:
Studies and work
Leisure activities and passions
Musical tastes, movies that you appreciate
Gastronomy (favorite dishes and drinks)
Sports and exits
Culture and the traditions of your countries
Travelling and your favorite places (restaurants, museums, cities /countries, etc.)
Funny situations which you lived
Dreams and projects for the future
The subjects which it’s better to avoid are: the politics, the religion, the previous marriages, your painful break or divorce. Don’t speak all the time about you, listen to your interlocutor also, respect her opinion, pay attention on her mentality and vision of things.


Ask questions to create a connection. During your communication with an eastern woman don’t be afraid of asking questions, but do it in the correct way. Don’t forget to comment her answers and to converse really with her. Here is the example of some original and hypothetical questions which you can pose her to live up your conversation:
How would you describe your perfect weekend?
Who is the person who had most influence in your life and why?
What is your favorite place all over the world? If you could wake up there tomorrow morning what would you make?
What is your most important objective in life at the moment?
If you could live again your life, which you would make differently?
Have the sense of humor. Speak about something funny; tell her some jokes, funny stories or anecdotes. The Russian and Ukrainian women like laughing and usually they also have a good sense of humor which is based on the sarcasm, the irony and the play of words.

Finally, when you meet Russian woman trust your intuition, be relaxed and remain yourself and we are sure that your first date with her will be excellent!!!!

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